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Insights App: Sales Reports on your Phone
Insights App: Sales Reports on your Phone

Understand your Sales & Card Payments Reports easily from your phone

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Insights App

Get your Sales Reports directly on your phone in just few clicks

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Learn how to:

Install, Log In, Log Out, Switch Venues & Refresh your Insights App,

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From here you can see all your Sales based on:

Dates, Order Types (Cash, Card, Gift Vouchers, ... ), Top Selling Products, ...

  1. Start by selecting the Date or Date Range:


Summary tells you, based on the date you chose, how much you did that day in:

  • Sales Amount: Net Revenue including the Tax

  • Net Sales: Net Revenue excluding Tax & Refunds

  • Total Orders: Numbers of Orders made

  • Average Sale: Average Sale amount per Order

( If you are unsure what ' Net Sales ' includes / excludes, for example:

click on it, an explanatory pop-up will appear:

'Net Revenue exc. tax & Refunds' )

Sales Comparison

To better understand your Sales Trends, compare your:

  • Monthly sales with the previous month

  • Daily / Weekly sales with the previous week

  • & see the differences per trading hour

Compare your Yearly / Monthly Trends:

Select a Year or Month (This Month, Last Month, Custom dates) from the dropdown

and automatically see the comparison with the Previous Year / Month,

for example:

Custom Dates: April

  • Selected Month: April. Sales Amount: $ 205.11K

  • Previous Month: March. Sales Amount: $ 207.89K

    = -1.34 % compared to the previous Month

Compare per Hour:

click on the columns to display the amount

Scroll sideways to display more times

  • BLUE column: average of the Previous Month's Sales at 11PM: $ 1.207,00

  • ORANGE column: average of this Month's Sales at 11PM: $ 435.40

Compare your Daily / Weekly Trends:

Select a Day / week from the dropdown and automatically see the comparison,

for example:

Yesterday (thursday)

  • Prev. Thursday Sales Amount: $ 6,841.88

  • This Thursday sales Amount: $ 4,963.99

    = -27.45% compared to the previous Thursday

Compare per Hour:

click on the columns to display the amount

Scroll sideways to display more times

  • BLUE column: Previous Thursday's sales at 12PM: $ 651.40

  • ORANGE column: Yesterday's (Thursday) sales at 12PM: $ 44

Order Types

Order Types are:

Dine In, Pick Up, Takeaway, Delivery, Catering, ...

Here are displayed the Top 3 of your most commun order types,

based on the Total Sales amount of the date(s) selected.

A good way to understand your Customers eating preferences

Top Products

Top Products show your most sold / popular Items with their quantities,

organised by Price ( higher to lower ),

on the date(s) you selected

Top Reporting Groups

Reporting Groups are created in your Back Office and assigned to your Products,

they help you understand your Product Sales trends

( ⚠️ If no Reporting Groups are assigned to Products, they will be reported as 'Others' )

Here our Reporting Groups for Thursday are compared to last Thursday:

for example: we can see that our 'Specials' didn't sell as well

Learn how to create Reporting Groups, in this article:


From here you can see all your Card Payments:

Summaries (refunds, fees,payouts, ..), Sales Channels & Payout History by Dates


Card payments Summary shows you the:

Total of all your Card payments on all your Channels

( POS, Online Store, Manual Payments, ... )

POS & ECOM Sales ( Total Card Sales )

- Refunds ( only card refunds )

- Adjustments (Refunds, chargebacks, and other adjustments are added to the payable batch as they occur and are not related to the sales day of the original transaction)

- Fees ( credit card surcharge )

= Net Payout ( Paid to your Bank Account )

⚠️ The Tips are currently not displaying in the app, this feature is coming soon

Sales Channels

Sales Channels are channels where you Sell your Products:

In Store (POS), Online Store, Uber Eat, ...

This way you know which platform is more used by your customers

( If you don't have an Online Store, Uber Eat, ... only ' POS ' will display )

Learn how to create new Sales Channels, in this article:

Payout History

Payout History shows you all the Card Payouts that you have received

according to the dates you selected

(ex: last 7 days )

  • Click on a date to display the amount (ex: 24/4 : $6,022.77 )

  • Scroll sideways to access more dates (if more dates were selected)

Coming Soon

End of Day Reports for Oolio Platform Customers.


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