Reports: Payments

Understand your Sales based on Payment Types

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Reports: Payments

The Payment Report is a comprehensive view of your Sales based on Payment Types:

Cards, Cash, Gift Cards, On Accounts, ...

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To access your ' Payments ' => In your Back Office => Reports => Payments :

1. Start by selecting:

  • Group By: Payment Method ( Card, Cash, .. ) OR by period: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

  • Date / Date Range: Select a particular date or date range.

  • All Day: Display data from the entire day or input a time range instead.

  • Select the Venue or Venues ( if you have multiple venues ) : Display data per venue or for more than 1 venue at once.

2. Bar Charts: will display the Total Collected of each Payment Type over the date / date range selected: Hover to display the amount :

3. Pie Charts: Displays the same data as above, hover to display the amount of each payment type:

4. To filter the data you want to display in your columns => click on the ' Eye Icon ' => tick or untick the data you want to display or hide under ' Payment Summary ':

  • Type: In depth Payment Type including which kind of Card Payments were used ( ex: Mastercard, American Express, Savings, ... )

  • Payment Type: Card, Cash, Gift Voucher, ... or any other Payment type you've created & use.

  • Transactions: Number of transactions done by Payment Method based on the date / date range selected.

  • Tips: Total tip collected on the order either from Payment Terminal or Online

  • Total Collected: Total Amount collected from the order includes Net Sales, Taxes, Tips, Payment Surcharge & Cash Rounding.

  • Refund Amount: The amount refunded based on that payment type.

5. Payment Summary: display data per Payment Method including or excluding data based on filters selected above

For example: if ' Group By: Payment Method ' was selected above the payments summary will be sorted by Payment Types by the date / date range selected.

6. Click on a column to display the data according to that filter :

( ex: Payment Method: displays the payments types in ascending or descending order )

7. Click on the 3x Dot ' . . . ' on a column to:

  • Sort / Move / Pin: select the best display for that column

  • Summaries by: Average, Count, Maximum, Minimum, Sum

  • Select: display or hide some data depending on your needs

8. ' Drag a column here ' : drag columns to compare their data

For example: Type -> Total Collected :

9. To use advanced Filters => click on the ' Filter Icon ' & use the dropdown menus to filter by:

  • Payment Type: Card, Cash, Gift Card, ... & any other payment types you are using

    ( for example here: we only want to see our Card Payments )

  • Order Types: Dine In, Pick Up, Catering, Delivery, ...

  • Sales Channels: In Store, Online ( if you have an Online Store ), ..

    ( it can also be: Uber eats, Doordash, ... if you are using those, or more. )

  • Device: If you more than 1 device ( POS, mPOS, iPad, ... )

10. Download the CSV File of the data displayed by clicking on the ' Download Icon ' :


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