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Reports: Sales Feed

Understand your Sales Feed Reports & all its functionality

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Reports: Sales Feed

The Sales Feed report is a raw export of the all the sales data and is the equivalent of your sales history from the POS.

You will be able to view the customer receipts from here and details of every sale made within a timeframe .

This report updates every 10 minutes

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  1. To access your ' Sales Feed ' => In your Back Office => Reports => Sales Feed :

2. Start by selecting a Date / Date Range => display the ' All Day ' or select custom times => Select the Venue or Venues ( if you have multiple venues ) :

3. To filter the data you want to display in your columns => click on the ' Eye Icon ' => tick or untick the data you want to display or hide :

  • Order Number: It is the sale number associated with the order. if the order was voided or refunded will appear in red. The sale # starts with device prefix identifying the device the sale is made from .

  • Order Type: Dine In, Takeaway, Delivery, Pick Up, Catering, ... or any custom created Order Types.

  • Date / Time: The date & time of that order.

  • Store: If you have multiple stores: filter your data by stores

  • Device: Displays the name of the Device as set in BO. If you have more than 1 Device ( POS, mPOS, iPad, ... )

  • Created By: the name of the staff member that took that order

  • Customer: Walk In / or name of customer

  • Payment Type: Card, Cash, Gift Voucher, If the order was voided: Voided ' will appear as a payment type

  • Status: Completed / Voided/Refunded

  • Table: If using ' Dine In ' the table number will display

  • Surcharge: Order level surcharges like Public Holiday or Weekend surcharge applied on the order are displayed

  • Discount: Order level or item level discounts applied on the order are displayed

  • Net Sales: Total Collected - (Tax +Tips +Cash Rounding + Payment Surcharge )

  • Taxes: Total Tax collected for all the items on the order.

  • Sales Amount: Net Sales + Taxes

  • Payment Surcharge: Applies on cards only: is the surcharge applied on top of the price either absorbed by the company or passed on to the customers

  • Tips: Total tip collected on the order either from Payment Terminal or Online

  • Total Collected:Total Amount collected from the order includes Net Sales, Taxes, Tips, Payment Surcharge & Cash Rounding.

  • Payments: Payments recorded against the order.

    ( for example: here we have 2x payments for the same order: 1x paid Cash & the other in Card )

  • Sub Total = Order Total before adjustments .

  • Cash Rounding: For Cash payments: there might be a rounding difference positive or negative ( for example: $ 9.97 will be cashed off as $ 9.95 therefore generate a $ -0.02 difference & $ 9.98 will be cashed off as $ 10 therefore generate a $ +0.02 difference in the reports )

  • Receipt: Clickable ' Note Icon ' showing the entire order inclusive of all information above.

4. Click on a column to sort its values from highest to lowest & lowest to highest:

Lowest to Highest:

Highest to Lowest:

5. Click on the 3x Dot ' . . . ' on a column to:

  • Move / Pin the column to left or right

  • Summarise by: Average / Count / Maximum / Minimum / Sum

  • Display certain values: for example here: We only want to display values above 0 so I untick ' 0 ' , ' -29 '

6. To use advanced Filters => click on the ' Filter Icon ' & use the dropdown menus to filter by:

  • Order Status: Completed / Refunded / Voided orders

  • Payment Type: Card, Cash, Gift Card, ... & any other payment types you are using

    ( for example here: we only want to see our Card Payments )

  • Sales Channels: In Store, Online ( if you have an Online Store ), ..

    ( it can also be: Uber eats, Doordash, ... if you are using those, or more. )

  • Device: If you more than 1 device ( POS, mPOS, iPad, ... )

7. Download the CSV File of the data displayed by clicking on the ' Download Icon ' :

Note: Only orders that are completely paid or Voided or Refunded are displayed in this Report. If the order is partially paid it doesn't show up in the sales feed report until it is completely paid. On Account Sales aren't shown in the report until the pending order is completely paid and will be recorded on the date of the receipt of payment and not the date of the creation of the order


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