Order History: Completed Orders

View, Reprint, Refund, Resend your Paid Orders

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Completed Orders are Orders that have been fully paid.

You can:

View, Reprint, Refund your Orders & send the Receipts via Emails or Phone Number to your customers

In this Article:

1. View Completed Orders

Once an order has been paid: it will automatically move to ' Order history '

  1. In your POS => Got to the Navigation ' . . . ' => click on ' Order History ' :

2. The default date to display Paid Orders will be: Today.

You can change the date by clicking on the dropdown menu on the top left:

You can also display previous Orders:

  • By ' Order Type ' :

  • By ' Payment Type ' :


Just click on an Order you want to Refund to display its information:

Click on ' Refund Order ' to either:

  • Refund a full order

  • Refund by Product

After that, a panel will show up, allowing you to review the following details of the completed order:

  • Products

  • Sub Total

  • GST

  • Total Paid

  • Payment Method

Also, you can also refund the order by clicking on the “Refund Order” button

Learn how to do Refunds in this Article: REFUNDS FROM THE POS

2. Reprint Receipts and Kitchen Dockets

Additionally, you can re-print the receipt of any order by simply clicking on the “Print Receipt” button.

You can then choose to print receipts by any particular split payment or the whole order. You can also reprint all the kitchen dockets associated with the order.

3. Send SMS / Email Receipt

Furthermore, you can also send the SMS or Email receipt of a completed order by simply clicking on the “Send Receipt” button.

Next, on the “Send Receipt” form, key in the phone number and / or the email to which you would like to send the receipt. Then, click on the “Send Receipt” button to confirm the sending.

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