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Open Orders

Where Orders are held when pressed ' SEND '

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Where non-paid Orders go when you press ' SEND '

Open orders are in-progress orders that have not been completed.

In Oolio POS, our users can easily access and manage open orders with just a few clicks.

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Open Orders are Orders that have been ' Send ' but not paid for:

Often used with Dine In order types to keep adding more to the table, you can also use it with Takeaways if you need to take the payment later.

In your POS => Click on ' Open ' on top of your screen :

( You can click on an order to display it on your POS Cart )

From here you can Edit your Order or add more to it :


You can search orders by: Order Types directly

You can also see the Order types on the left side on every Order:

T : Takeaway

33 / 28 : Dine In Table Numbers


Order: Every order has a unique number assigned to it which can be searched on the search bar.

Age: Hot long this particular order has been open for.

Placed On: The date & time of when the order was made.


If you've assigned a Customer to your Order: the name will display under ' Customer '

You can assign Customers to your Orders for several reasons:

  • Takeaway Orders: to call the name of the order when ready

  • Delivery Orders

  • Loyalty: if you have a loyalty program to reward your customers

    ( Learn about ' Loyalty ' in this article: SET UP: LOYALTY )

  • Accounts: If you customers pays ' On Accounts ' & settle the bill later

    ( Learn about ' Accounts ' in this article: SET UP: ACCOUNTS )


Users are the staff members placing the order,

this way if someone is unsure about an open order:

they can ask directly the person who took the order for more details

Learn how to create, edit Users in your Back Office,

in this article:


You can add Notes on your Order by just clicking ' Add Note ' from your Function Map in your POS: the notes icon will turn Blue in your Open Orders to indicate a note is present:

Click on the blue note to display it:

If you click on the order: you can see the Note on top of the Order in the cart:


From ' Open Orders ' you:

  • Print Order: will print the bill / receipt

  • Re-Print Dockets: will reprint dockets from that order in your kitchen, bar, ..


To Void an Order you can click on it & select ' Void ' from the Function Map

or directly press the ' red cross icon ' on the right side of the order :

Select a Voiding reason => Void:


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