Refunds From The POS

All you need to know about setting up refunds from the POS

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Learn how you can Refund a Customer from your POS

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Where to Locate your Previous Orders

  1. In your POS => To refund an order, go to Order History in the navigation menu.

On the Order History screen, click More Actions of a completed order.

From the Order Information panel, click Refund Order.

Refund An Entire Order

On the Order Details modal, click Refund All to refund the order.

Next, choose a refund method to complete the refund.

Refund Order Items

In the Order Details modal, select the items which you want to refund, then click on the Refund X Items button (where X is the number of selected items). You can also click the Unselect All button to cancel the item selection.

Next, choose a refund method to complete the refund.

Refund By Amount

Allows users to perform partial refunds by amount to a selected payment method.

  1. Order History → Select Order → Press Refund Order

  2. Press “Refund by Amount” from the modal

  3. If this is a multi-payment order, select amounts to be refunded for each payment method from “Select Refund Amounts” modal. Amount for those products will be refunded accordingly. When all amounts are selected, press “Confirm”.

  4. Select Refund Reason

  5. If this is a multi-payment order, “Refund Status” modal is shown.

  6. Refund Compelte ✅

When you click on the More Actions button of the previously selected order, you should see a greyed out Refund Order button, indicating that some or all of the order items have already been refunded.

⚠ We currently do not allow multiple refunds on a single order.


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