Placing Pickup Orders in POS

Learn how to add a pop-up note on your Pickup Orders

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Pickup is a commun Order Type for a lot of Cafes or Restaurants,

learn how to use it's feature by adding a pop-up 'Name Note' with every order:

In this Article:

Setting Up

Firstly, to enable Order Prompt for Takeaway orders, in:

  1. In your Back Office => Settings => Venues & Stores (if you have multiple venues) OR My Store

2. Go to Device Profiles => select your desired profile.

( see article about: DEVICE PROFILES )

For Example:

3. Under Details => Tick “Show Order Name Prompt For Takeaway & Pickup Orders” => SAVE

4. Go to your POS

5. Go to ' . . . ' => Settings => Sync

Placing A Takeaway Order

To place a takeaway order from the cart, firstly, click on:

From the POS:

  1. New:


  1. Select the Order Type directly from your Cart using the Dropdown:

From the FLOOR PLAN:

( Only if you have Enabled your Floor Plan, see article: CREATE A FLOOR PLAN )

  1. New Order :

2. Select the Order Type ' PIckup ' :

3. When you add a Product to your & click ' SEND ' or ' PAY NOW '.

you will now be Prompted with a Pop-Up asking for a Name

( you can also input an order number if you give ' Numbers' your customers )

4. It will Print on top of your Dockets:


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