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Create Users & Permissions
Create Users & Permissions

Add new users to your POS

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Create Users & their Permissions

Create a new user when a new person joins the team

& set their ' Permissions ' according to their Job Roles

( ex: Permissions to: Void, access the Back Office, Refund Customers, ... )

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To Create a New User you need the User's:

  • Details: Name, Email address, PIN number (if needed)

  • Job Roles: Waiter, Supervisor, Manager, ... with their respective permissions

JOB ROLES: View Roles

Let's check that the Job Roles created by default suit your business,

or learn how Create new ones

  1. In your Back Office => USERS => Job Roles :

2. Here is the List of created Job Roles, to View the Permissions of a Job Role, click on it :(ex: Waiter )

⚠️ You cannot Edit / Remove an existing Job Role, so if the ' waiters permissions ' don't suit you, you can ' Create ' a new one

3. Our ' Waiter ' cannot have any access to the Back Office, only the POS :

4. When scrolling ' POS Application ' => Waiter can only:

Take Orders, Payments & Void Items that have not been sent yet :

( ticked options )

MANAGE: Create New Users

Once our Job Roles are set, we can create new Users

  1. In your Back Office => USERS => Manage :

2. Here are all your Users displayed => click on ' Create ➕ ' :

⚠️ ' Oolio Support ' or ' Oolio Admin ' are users created by our Team to help you troubleshoot in case of issues without affecting your services, this user cannot be deleted. They have a Star next to it.

3. Fill up the mandatory fields => Create :

4. Click on your Newly Created User:

5. Under ' User Details ' => Edit Details if needed, Add a PIN if wanted,

then tick ' Always Ask for PIN ' to prompt the user to input their PINs on the

Login Screen => SAVE :

⚠️ If ' Always Ask for PIN ' is ticked but no PIN is entered, the default PIN will be: 1111

6. Go to ' Permissions ' => ➕ :

7. Select a Job Role from the dropdown:

8. Select a Venue (or several if you have more than 1) by ticking it,

where your User will be able to access / log in => SAVE:

Your new User will now receive an Email to Create their Password.

They can use their Emails to Log In

Learn about Logging In / Out of your POS / Back Office, in this article:


  1. In your Back Office => Users => Manage => Click on the User you would like to delete

  2. Click on: Delete ( bottom left ) :


Depending on how you set your Workflow in your ' Device Profiles ':

your users will need to login after every order or not.

If not: you can switch Users directly in your POS

Learn how easily Switch Users in your POS,

in this article:


Learn how easily Switch to your Back Office from your POS,

in this article:


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