Reconciliation FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the end-of-shift process.

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How often do I need to finalise my shift?

It is recommended to perform your shift closure daily to ensure easy reconciliation with payments.

In case you forget, a pop-up will appear at the beginning of each day to close your shift. After five days the system will force you to close your shift.

Do I need to grant special permission for my staff to finalise a shift?

Yes. Staff must be granted permission from the Users Page under POS Permissions. You would need to ensure Perform Shift Closure is ticked

Can I edit the recorded or counted amount after the shift is finalised?

Once the shift is finalised, these are locked from editing to ensure the security and accuracy of the counts. If you missed some of your counted money from your shifts you can create and enter a second shift immediately afterwards with the extra amount included

Can I edit the Payment Type for an order after it is paid?

Once orders are finalised, it is locked from editing. If you have entered the incorrect payment type while completing the sale, simply refund the order and enter again with the correct payment type

Can I choose to not show my staff the expected amount for takings?

Yes, you can do that to make sure that your staff does not just enter what was recorded by POS but the actual real amount. This setting is on the Users page within the Back Office. You will need to ensure View Current Shift is unticked

Can I take tips out of the shift for my staff?

Yes, tips can be taken out through the cash management screen. A Money out event would be recorded for the same

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