Configure Shift Settings

Understand how to configure the settings of your shift to allow for accurate reporting.

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What are Shift Settings?

The shift settings may differ depending on the venue. To allow for the POS to know how the shift closure is performed, these settings will need to be configured initially.

How to Configure Shift Settings

Start by heading to Settings within the Back Office, from here, go to the Store Details.

Click on Shift Settings…

Under Store Details, the Shift Settings can be found. Under the End Shift drop-down, select the preferred option to end the store's shift.

  • By Employee - Generally a very niche use case: this is applicable if each of the staff members has their own cash drawer. It means that at the end of the day, each user would need to reconcile the total from the sales that they finalised.

  • By Device - This option needs to be selected if the venue wants to finalise the shifts for every POS device separately. This is used when each POS device has its own dedicated cash drawer.

  • By Store -This option needs to be selected if the venue wants to finalise the shift across all the POS devices together or if there are multiple POS devices but only one cash drawer. This is the most common workflow.

Additionally, ticking Sales by Hour will display each hours Sales Amount on the Shift Summary.

Click on Shift Settings…

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