Closing A Shift

This article outlines the steps required to complete your stores end of day reconciliation.

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What is Closing a Shift?

Closing a Shift within Oolio POS is the process of end-of-day reconciliation. Closing a Shift allows the store to balance each cash drawer's total against the system's takings totals. Sometimes, this is referred to as 'Cashing up'.

How to Close A Shift

Step 1

Navigate to Shifts screen on the POS by selecting the navigation bar icon on the top right of the screen.

Click on Shifts

Step 2

Review the totals of your Active Shift, to do so select the print icon to print a Shift Summary docket or select anywhere on the shift to display the Shift Summary on the screen. Once done select Close Shift.

Click on Close Shift

Step 3

Once the close shift button has been selected, if there are still open orders remaining, a pop-up will appear, this is a warning that some orders or tables are still open. Ensure to finalise any open orders for accurate reporting.

Shifts can be ended without finalising the open orders if needed. However, those sales will not be included in the shift report for that trading day.

Click on Pending Orders…

Step 4

Select each field and enter the takings total for the day. Integrated payment types, such as card or online will be automatically filled in by the system.

The expected cash count displayed will include all Money In / Money Out events recorded/


Step 5

Once all fields have been filled, the Difference is expected to equate to $0.00. Continue by selecting Close Shift.


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