Integrating Oolio POS with Xero

This article will explain how to link the Oolio POS to a Xero account so that a sales invoice can be directly posted to the Xero account.

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The Oolio POS-Xero Integration enables sales and takings information to be automatically posted as an invoice to the connected Xero account each time that a shift is closed in the Oolio POS.

Xero will create one export file per shift, however both exports rely on the same configuration so they will always go into the same account.

Oolio POS exports to Xero the following information:

  • Sales (per Reporting Group)

  • Takings (per Payment Type)

This guide covers the steps required to enable the integration in the Oolio POS back office.

Linking Xero to the Oolio POS

  • In the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the Oolio POS back office, select the features section

  • Select the Integrations Tab at the top of the screen

  • Select the Xero icon

  • From the next screen, select the 'Enable' icon which will automatically open the Xero log in screen

Log In to Xero

The next step is to log in to the Xero account with your Xero credentials (including your 2 factor authentification)

  • In Xero, select the organisation drop down menu

  • Check that you have selected the correct user account information

  • Then select 'Allow Access'

Enable the integration in the Oolio POS

The Oolio Pos Back office page will then re-open. The last step is to enable the store or stores that need to use this integration.

  • Select the Settings Tab at the top of the screen

  • Select the toggle next to each store to be enabled

Next Steps

The integration between the Oolio Platform and Xero is now complete. The next step is to;

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