Setting Up A Discount

In this article are the steps to set up an ad hoc or scheduled discount within Oolio Back Office.

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How Discounts Work within Oolio

Pre-set discounts can be set up within Oolio Back Office for use within the Front of House. They are displayed as buttons within the Function Map under Discounts and can be varied values of either dollar amounts or percentages.

How to How to Create A Discount

  • Start by navigating to Settings and selecting 'My Store'

    • Note: For Multi-Venue setups, this will say 'Venues & Stores'

Click on My Store
  • Once in the Store Settings, select the Adjustments Tab across the top of the screen

Click on Adjustments
  • Within the Adjustments Tab, discounts can be configured using a negative value under the Amount

  • To begin doing so, select the Create Button

Click on Create
  • This will direct you to the Adjustment Settings Page, enter the relevant name of the discount wished to be added

  • Enter the name that is desired to be shown on the receipt

  • Enter the desired amount of the discount

  • Choose to create a ‘Dollar’ amount or ‘Percentage’ amount discount from the drop-down menu

  • If relevant, select which Order Types that require a discount

Click on Details…
  • To finalise the newly added discount select Save

Scheduling a Discount

Oolio Platform also has the ability to schedule discounts on a yearly calendar, along with scheduling by time and day of the week.

  • Within the Adjustment Settings, scroll down to Schedule

  • Select the Set Date Range toggle

  • Enter each day of the year that discount may need to be automatically applied

Click on Schedule
  • If the discount is only needed for a specific time frame, i.e. Happy Hour, select the Set Time Period Toggle

  • This will enable the below table to be edited

Click on Day…
  • To finalise the scheduled discount, select save

It is not required to delete the discount if it can be used for future events.

Other Settings

There are a few additional settings that can be toggled on or off, these are optional. If you would like assistance reach out to our Support Team.

  • Scroll further down to Other Settings

  • Selecting Allow on Payment Type, allows for the discount to only apply to specific payment types.

  • If the adjustment does not need to be included in the product sales, enable Do not include Sales Amount

  • Advance Rules will allow for discounts to be added to specific guest counts

Click on Other Settings…
  • To finalise the discount, select save

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