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Oolio Back Office
Oolio Back Office

Learn how to set up and use the features of your POS Back Office

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Create new Menus, Categories, Products, Modifiers, Courses, Price Lists, ...


Reward your regular customers with a free product or discount (ex: buy 9 get 1 free)

Set up LoyaltyLearn how to Reward your Loyal Customers


Enable Features & Integrations that suit your Business type


Learn how to make relevant changes within Oolio POS's Settings Tab

OrganisationLearn how to set up or edit Organisation Details1 article
Store DetailsUpdate End of Shift Details & Email to receive the Shift Summary1 article
Sections & TablesLearn to create Sections & Tables with Oolio POS1 article
AdjustmentsLearn how to create Discounts and/or Surcharges within Oolio POS2 articles
Manage CashLearn how to manage Cash Float, Tips or Petty Cash with this option1 article
DevicesCreate & Edit Devices and reassign Printers2 articles
Device ProfilesCreate and Edit Profiles for each Device2 articles
PrintersUnderstand how Printers work3 articles
CheckoutEdit Cash Rounding and Enable or Disable Tips1 article
Taxes1 article
Payment TypesCreate or Manage new Payment Types1 article
Sales ChannelsCreate or Manage Order Types2 articles
PrintingCreate or Edit 'Printer Profiles' to assign to Products2 articles
Other → Refund ReasonsCreate and Understand 'Refund Reasons' 1 article
Other → Reporting GroupsCreate 'Reporting Groups' to categorise your Products and understand your Sales. (ex: 'alcoholic beverages', 'non-alc. beverages', 'lunch menu', ...) 1 article