Processing A Refund

This article will demonstrate how to complete various types of refunds from Oolio POS.

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Refunding from Oolio POS

Refunds are something a large majority of venues will need to perform from time to time. This is the action of reversing a payment after a customer has finalised their transaction. This can be done easily through Oolio Front of House by opening Order History and selecting the transaction that requires a payment to be reversed.

Multiple types of refunds can be processed, including Entire Orders, Partial Refund, or Refund by Amount which can be learned about within this article.

Beginning to Process a Refund

Start by entering the Order History Screen from the Navigation Bar on the right-hand side of the Front of House POS.

Here, all previous transactions can be found, use the filters to assist in finding the specific order in question. If the Order Number is provided, use the search bar.

Once the transaction requiring a refund has been located, select the arrow relevant on the right-hand side.

Click on T…

This will open up the order, displaying all items purchased along with Totals, and if any Surcharges, and or Discounts.

Select Refund Order to begin the process.

Click on Refund Order

Refund An Entire Order

Upon selecting Refund Order, the Order Details modal will appear.

Select Refund All to refund the entire order.

Click on Refund SP-5-70610-20240102…

The Issue Refund Modal will then appear, displaying all relevant Payment Types, this allows the user to choose how to refund the customer.

The amount will by default be entered in the payment type that was used during the original transaction.

For Card Transactions, the user can see the last four digits attached to the card that was used in the original transaction. This way the card can be validated before processing the refund.

Click on Issue Refund…

Upon selecting Issue Refund, a confirmation modal will appear to notify the user the refund has been processed successfully.

Click on Cash Refund: $9.70…

Refund By Items Ordered

Within the Order Details Modal, select the relevant products to refund.

Click on Refund SP-5-70608-20240102…

From here, then select Refund

Click on Refund SP-5-70608-20240102…

The Issue Refund Modal will appear, following the same workflow as stated above.

Refund By Amount

Within the Order Details Modal, select Refund By Amount

Click on Refund SP-5-70605-20240102…

The Issue Refund Modal will then appear. Use the text boxes to enter the amount desired to refund next to each relevant payment type.

Click on Issue Refund…

To finalise the refund select Issue Refund, following the same workflow as stated above.

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