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Online Store: Manage Orders on your POS
Online Store: Manage Orders on your POS

Learn how you receive Orders from your Online Store on your POS

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Oolio integrates online orders with the POS so you can accept and prepare online orders all from the same device. As well as Oolio's Online Store, we also offer integrations with Deliverect so all of your online orders arrive to the same place.

This article will cover how to manage and view online orders on your POS device.

1. Manage Online Orders on the POS

When a new online order comes in, the Point of Sale will ring and a yellow dot will appear on the Online tab to alert you of an incoming order. (If auto-accept is disabled, the POS will ring until an action is taken).

Within the online tab, you can filter by Date (Today, Upcoming, Older) and/or Status (Pending, In Progress, Completed, Cancelled) along the sidebar on the left.

The Age field indicates the time since the order was placed.

Once an order is accepted, you have the option to complete the order (provided auto-complete is not enabled in the back office) or re-print the receipt.

For Pay at Counter orders, the Pay Now button will take the user to the regular pay screen on the Point of Sale.

To access Online store settings in the Back Office:

Features -> Integrations -> Online Store -> Settings

Prep time can be configured in the Back Office. Once the order has been accepted, the customer will get an SMS to confirm the order has been accepted. They will be given an estimated order completion time = time of order acceptance + prep time (configured in Back Office).

2. How does Auto Accept work?

When auto accept is enabled, the order is automatically accepted, and the docket is printed / displayed on your Kitchen Display System (KDS), depending on what your workflow is. Your POS device will ring for approximately 4 seconds to alert you of the new order.

3. Accepting Orders on the POS

If auto-accept is disabled, to accept all incoming orders on the POS, you can click the green Accept All button in the Online tab.

Alternatively, you can click into each order individually to accept.

To enable / disable auto-accept, this can be done in the Back Office within the Online Store settings:

4. When the Order is Completed

With auto complete enabled, this automatically completes the order and adds it to your order history and shift summary after the defined period.

You may want to disable auto-completing orders if you are using online ordering for dine in. This allows you to track tables that are occupied, and manually complete the order once the table becomes available again.

5. Refunding an Online Order

Refunding an online order follows the same workflow as a regular POS order. Learn more about order refunds here.

6. Rejecting an Online Order

If auto-accept is disabled, each order that comes through to the POS can be accepted or rejected. Once accepted, the customer will get an SMS confirming the order has been received.

7. Adjusting Prep Time from the POS

During busy times, you can adjust the prep time directly from the POS. When the customer receives the SMS notification to verify their order has been placed, the estimated completion time will be calculated using this new value.

8. Busy Mode

⚠This feature only applies to orders coming through from Deliverect.

During busy periods, you can set the store as busy for a predefined number of minutes which means orders cannot be placed during this time.

9. Pay at Counter

To set up Pay at Counter, enable Allow to Pay Later for the specific order type in Online Store Back Office -> Fulfilments

10. Add to Online Order

Pay at Counter online orders can be modified when they reach the POS by opening the order in the Online tab and clicking the Edit button.

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