Using ' Number Pad ' in POS

Modify the Quantity of a Product, Split Products, Remove Products, Adjust a Price

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Number Pad

Allows you to:

  • Modify a Product's Quantity

  • Split Products

  • Remove Products

  • Adjust a Price

In this article:


Add Quantity before Product

  1. Input Number wanted in Pad:

    ( for example: 3 )

2. Click on the Product you want to add => 3 x Espresso are now added to our Cart:

Increase Quantity

1. Increase a Product Number: Click on the Product wanted => press the ➕:

Decrease Quantity

1. Decrease a Product Number: Click on the Product wanted => press the ➖:

⚠️ If your Product has Modifiers / Variants : Those will Increase / Decrease too !


  1. Select the Product with a quantity greater than one: click on a number on the Pad you want to divide it :

    ( for example: here we can choose 1 or 2 )

2. Click on the ' Split Icon ' :

3. Espresso is now split into 2x Espresso / 1x Espresso. You can keep splitting the Product



  1. Remove a Product by clicking on it => press the ' Trash Icon ' to remove that Product:

⚠️ You can only remove a Product from the Cart if it hasn't been ' Sent ' =>

To remove a ' Sent ' Product => Void it.

Learn how to Void Products,

in this article:


If a Price of a Product is different than the one in your POS:

you can change it in your POS directly

( For example: if you haven't had time to change it from your Back Office )

  1. Click on the Product => press the ' Dollar Icon ' to Adjust the Price:

2. From here you can choose to:

  • Apply a Discount in Percentage %

  • Apply a Discount in Dollar $

  • Adjust / Edit the Price

  • Revert the Price ( if you previously changed it )

3. To change the Price => input the new Price using the Pad => click on ' Adjust ' =>

Save Changes :

4. Our Espresso has now a different Price:


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