Void: Single Products or Entire Order

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VOID can be used to void an entire order or items from an order.

Only Items or Orders that have been " Sent " can be voided.

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Void from the OPEN Orders:

  • Void a Single Product:

Firstly, in your POS, go to the “Open Orders” screen:

click on an in-progress order that you want to void:

Then, you will be navigated to the “Take Orders” screen where you are able to see the order details (items, subtotal, and total due):

Select the Product you would like to void:

Next, click on the “Void” button on the function map to start the order voiding process:

On the “Void Order” modal, select a voiding reason from the dropdown:

( for example: Wastage )

You can now see your updated order with the voided Product & the reason:

  • Void an Entire Order:

Similarly, in order to void the entire order, you can just click on the “Void” button on the function map without selecting a product:

If no reasons are selected: ' Other ' will be applied by default.

You can add a note if you couldn't find a voiding reason in the dropdown.


If you know which order to void & want to save time, go to OPEN Orders:

click on ❌ next to your order:


If your Order has been partially paid: you won't be able to Void the order !

you need to either:

  • Keep taking payments for that order


  • Void the remaining Unpaid Products

Void from a Table:

If you would like to Void from a Table Order, go to your FLOORPLAN:

Select the Section & Table:

Follow the Steps from above ⬆️

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