Order Token Numbers: Print Numbers on Orders

Print numbers on every orders to call when the order is ready

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Order Token Number

Every order prints with sequential numbers

to easily give to your customers,

and call out orders when they are ready

Docket printed in the kitchen:

Docket without items printed at the counter
for the customer to know their order number:
( Will not include items in the order to save paper )

In this article:


To start printing numbers on your receipts:

  1. Go to your Back Office => Settings => My Store :

    ( Or: ' Venue & Stores ' => ' Store ' if you have several venues )

2. Go to ' Devices ' => Select the Device on which you would like the numbers to show on

the dockets:

( For example: you can have a POS at the bar for takeaways that will need that option but not your Restaurant POS used for Dine In orders )

If you don't have any devices created, learn how to, in this article: CREATE DEVICES

3. Under ' Details ' => Toggle on ' Order Token Numbers ' :


Print your receipts with sequential numbers from:

1, 2, 3, ... to 100 or 10,000 depending on your daily needs

1. Select a Range:

( For Example: Here our First Ticket will have the number 1, then 2, 3, ... until it reached

100: then it will start again at 1 )

⚠️ 1 is the minimum number you can enter

⚠️ If you have this option on several devices, to avoid getting confused with numbers,

you can set different ranges:

  • Device 1 can print ticket numbers 1 -100

  • Device 2 can print ticket numbers 101-200

  • Device 3 can print ticket numbers 201-300


2. On POS => your first order is identified as number 1:



Your Order Token Numbers will automatically reset after reaching the last number

that you set up in the Back Office.

But to ensure it will also reset everyday =>

Tick the checkbox ' Reset Order Token Number on Shift Closure '


When your customer doesn't need a receipt,

automatically print a number docket that they can keep

for you to call when the order is ready

Select 'Print Token Number Dockets'

Now our docket printed as number 1 with the details:

and another docket printed with the number to give to your customer:


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