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Oolio currently offers 9 Features that can be enabled to improve your way of working with your:

POS, Online Store, Customer Display, Kitchen Display, …

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Group Products into courses & decide when to hold or fire dishes to the kitchen

Organise and group items into courses (entrée, main, dessert, etc.) to help you and your team manage your service flow and orders. Control and configure docket printing and monitor course progressions of tables with complete ease.

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Manage account sales from POS for your regular customers

Let your customers maintain accounts to take flexible payments. Accounts lets you track customer’s balance, activity, schedule and send account statements and much more! You can also see amounts owed by customers before adding to their account.

Learn in those articles how to:

Set up Accounts in your Back Office:

Using Accounts in your POS:


Let Customers see the breakdown of their order for better transparency

Be transparent with your customers and let them see the full breakdown of their order. List out their order, subtotal, tax percentage and total price for your customers. You can also customise the look of your display and choose to introduce loyalty screens too.

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Improve communication with your kitchen using a kitchen display system

An efficient kitchen display system you can rely on. Organise and fulfil orders from anywhere, in one affordable solution. Whether you take your orders from your POS, Online Store, or delivery applications, everything will be sent directly to the kitchen to one or any number of devices.

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Change pricing for products based on location, customers or promotions

Price Lists allow you to create multiple prices for a product (or more) based on venues, order types, sales channels and customers. You can also choose to automate their scheduling so that you will always sell for the right price all the time.

For example: ' Happy Hour '

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Track & Analyze which products or items were refunded & why

Refund reasons help you understand your customers better by tracking why products are being refunded. With refund reports you will be able to know what your customers like and dislike, their preferences and much more.

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Manage table orders with visual layout that is based on your own venue

Quickly seat guests on arrival, know the status of each table, and modify your table layout according to your floorplan. You can also merge, transfer and split tables to adjust your customer’s seating easily and provide them with the best service.

Learn in those articles how to:

Create a Floor Plan with Sections & Tables in your Back Office:

How to access your Floor Plan in your POS once created:


Reward your regulars customers with discounts & increase sales

Create a loyalty program that rewards your regular customers, attracts new ones and increases your sales in return. Enrolling a customer is quick and easy; just enter their phone number. You can let customers sign-up directly through your POS, Customer Display or Online Store.

Learn in those articles how to:

Set up the Loyalty Feature in your Back Office:

How to use the Loyalty Feature in your POS:


Manage & control operations consistently across multiple venues

Whether you have ten or hundred venues, Multi-Venue Management feature helps you oversee, manage and control your venues effortlessly right from your HQ empowering in-venue managers and staff.

Learn about the Multi Venue Management in this article:

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