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JULY 2023

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JULY 2023

Adding multiple adjustments to the order and removing adjustments

Now you can apply multiple adjustments (discounts and surcharges) to an order at a time.

You can also remove unwanted adjustments from the order.

Learn how to schedule adjustments to apply automatically on POS and how to remove them from an order in this article:

Update to POS Floor View

You can not only rearrange the tables on the floor view but also change the size and shapes of tables now,

To learn how to edit floor layout on POS, read this article:

Reports on iOS App

Now access your reports from the iOS App as well!

Receipt printing Option to Disable printing $0 products & $0 Modifiers

A new setting has been added under Store > Device Profile > Printing Options where you can choose to print or not print $0 products, $0 modifiers and notes on the receipt.

Improved experience when paying using split by product

We have improved the way to split payments by product

To learn how to split an order to pay by product, check this article:

Enrolling to loyalty from backoffice

Customers can now be enrolled to loyalty program from the backoffice.

To learn how to enroll a customer to loyalty program, refer this article:

Warning to close shift when there are unfulfilled orders

Now an improvised warning prompt will indicate how many POS and online orders are open that you might want to consider closing to include them in shift, whenever you try to close a shift so that those orders are not missed in reconciliation.

To learn more about Shifts and End of Reconciliation, check this article:

New kitchen template for large font size

A new Kitchen template is now added for large font size on the docket


JULY 2023

Scheduled adjustments

We now support scheduled adjustments (Discounts and Surcharges) on the mPOS!

To learn how to Create an adjustment and to schedule one, check this article:

Displaying failed print job notifications

Now you can get notified if a docket or receipt has failed to print on the mPOS as well.

Improved performance on S1F2 devices

The mPOS app will perform faster on the S1F2 devices.


JULY 2023

Modifier Sales report

View a list of the top used modifiers in a given time period

Category Sales Report

Gives an overview of top grossing categories and the number of items sold within each category.

Product Sales Report

Introduced Category name as a new column
Group By Category to see product performance by category in the same view


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