Edit / Hold An Order
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Oolio allows its users to hold their orders, edit and pay later.

1. Hold An Order

In Oolio's POS App, hold an order by clicking Send below the cart.

Click on the Open tab and you should see the previously saved order in the Open Orders page.

2. Edit An Order

To edit an order, click on the order that you want to edit.

You will be navigated back to the Take Order screen to:

  • Add new items to the order by clicking on your desired items. The new items will display below a New section on the cart.

Other actions that you can do on an open order on the cart, to edit

  • Change the quantity of an existing item

  • Adjust the price of the order or an item

  • Void the entire order or some items

  • Add notes / discounts / surcharges to the order or order items

  • Resend the order to the kitchen (Save the order again)

  • Complete the order

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