Variations VS Modifiers

This article goes over the main differences between Variations and Modifiers. When to use which type of menu management feature.

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What are Variations?

Variations are used to split a product further into sizes. Variant products contain individual product settings and prices.

Example: Latte

The Product Name would be a Latte

The Variant [size] name would be Small, Medium, Large

Each variation [size] would then have specific prices.

What are Modifiers?

Modifiers are used to make partial or minor changes to a product while ordering in the POS, such as adding an alternative milk to a coffee, or the removal of an ingredient from a meal. Modifiers can be added to Option Groups for easier Menu Management.

Example: Latte

Modifiers added to a Latte could include, Extra Hot, Strong, Almond Milk

These can then be applied to a Product.

How Do They Compare?

Variations are to be used for creating Products with Sizes. Each variant will have a set price that is set up per size.

Modifiers are to be used to make modifications to an existing product. Modifiers can either add or subtract to the product's sell price.

As variations have their own Product Settings, they can be tracked through Item Availability.

Modifiers cannot be tracked through Item Availability.

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