Multi Select Required Modifiers
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Multi Select required Modifiers

Using multi-select for modifiers is a great way to configure modifiers for items such as wings or build your own bowls so that your guests can choose multiple modifiers or options.

For example:

Select 3 x Ice Cream Flavours:

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  • Modifiers are options that can be added to a product or several products, with an add-on price if needed.

    For example: Full Cream Milk, Oat Milk, Almond Milk, Skimmed Milk, ..

  • Options Groups are grouped modifiers that can be reused on different products

    For example: Milk Options - ( Select 1 from: Full Cream Milk, Oat Milk, Almond Milk, Skimmed Milk, .. )

Modifiers can be Required or Optional

Learn how to create Modifiers & Options Groups,

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If your business offers products that require choices, such as:

  • Tacos: Pick 2 proteins: Chicken, Beef, Tofu, Fish

  • Ice Cream: Choose 3 x Ice Cream flavours

You want to give your customer the option to choose 2 or more of the same , for example:

  • Tacos: 2 x Fish

  • Ice Cream: 2 x Chocolate 1 x Strawberry


  1. In your Back Office => Products => Options :

2. Under ' Option Groups ' => Select the Option Group you want to add a maximum selection to by clicking on it :

3. Set a Max Selections: the range of your 'Max Selections per Option' will be based on your Selections.

For example: Here our selection has a max of 2 so our 'Max. Selections per Option' cannot be higher than 2.

4. Now we can select up to:

  • 2x Proteins ( Selections )

  • Up to 2 of the same Protein ( Max. Selections per Option ), ex: 2 x Fish

    => SAVE

⚠️ ' Max. Selections per Option ' only applies to ' Required Modifiers ' => Sure the Option Group is assigned properly to your Product as required:

  1. In your Back Office => Products => Products :

2. Select the Product wanted by category or by searching its name => Edit the Product

using the ' Pen Icon ' :

3. Under ' Options ' => Make sure your Modifiers Groups have ' Required ' ticked next to it:

( you can have other Modifier Groups, for example: ' Taco Options ' non-required to add

more options on your Product ) => SAVE:

Use in POS

  1. Go to your Navigation ' . . . ' => Settings => Sync Data to synchronise your changes to your POS.

  2. Click on your Product, here ' Tacos x2 ':

3. The Required Modifier Modal will pop & prompt you to choose:

For example: here you can ' Select between 1 and 2 ' options:

  • 1 x Beef

  • 1 x Fish

=> ' Add to Cart ' or add Optional Modifiers ( ' Taco Options ' )

You can now also Select 2 of the same:

  • 2x Tofu

=> ' Add to Cart ' or add Optional Modifiers ( ' Taco Options ' )


⚠️ If the Modifiers were not ' Required ' =>

you won't be able to select Multiple of the same :

For example: Our Ice Cream cannot select ' Chocolate ' more than once:

Versus when I update it to ' required ' in Back Office:


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