Create A Variant Product

This article covers what variations are, how to create new variations, and how to edit variant product settings.

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What are Variations?

Variants or Variations are used to create multiple sizes for one Product. Each size then has its own corresponding product settings attached to it, allowing for more control of overall POS usage.

Creating A Variation

  • Start by opening the Products Tab within the Office.

  • Select the Green Create Icon on the right-hand side of the browser.

  • After entering the Product Name and Category it belongs to, select the Has Variations Tick Box.

Click on Quick Create Product…
  • Select the Edit More Icon.

  • The user will be directed to the Variations Tab within the Product Settings Screen.

Editing A Variation

  • Start by selecting Variation Group.

  • Use the search bar to create a group name that is relevant to the type of Variations being created. i.e Coffee Size

Type "Coffee Size"
  • Select the green Create button.

  • After creating, re-select the Variation Group to choose the group desired to work within.

  • Similarly, select the Variations field to begin creating.

Click on Select...
Type "Regular"
  • Once all Variations have been added to the Variation Group, select Update Variations.

  • All Variations added will automatically be assigned to the product.

  • From this screen, all relevant pricing can be added to each variant product.

Type "5"
  • To edit further settings, such as Option Groups, select the Pen Icon.

  • Once all changes are complete, select save.

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