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Create A Floor Plan, Sections & Tables
Create A Floor Plan, Sections & Tables

Create a Floor Plan for your venue and add Sections & Tables

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Create Floor Plan, Sections & Tables

Learn how to Create, Edit & Assign them to your Device Profiles

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Before you can start Creating Sections & Tables: you need to enable this option

  1. In your Back Office => Features => click on ' Table Management ' :

    ( If there is a Green Tick : that means the option has already been Enabled )

2. ENABLE Table Management:

3. If you have several Venues: you will be prompted to choose which ones will have this

Feature too:

To Edit that choice & add / remove Venues: click on ' Configure ' :


Now that the Feature is Enabled, we can access ' Sections & Tables '

  1. In your Back Office => Settings => My Store


  1. Venues & Store ( if you have Multiple Venues ) => Select the VENUE:

2. Under ' Sections & Tables ' => CREATE :

3. Type a Section Name that make sense to you & Tick the Store(s) that it will apply to

=> SAVE:

4. Click on the ➕ to Create Tables:

Multiple Tables:

Using ' Multiple ' allows to create several Tables at once,

here we put 10: which will create 10 tables,

starting with the table 1 & the prefix T- :

⚠️ The ' Table Shape ' selected will apply to all Tables

⚠️ You can only put numbers with 'multiple' : to create a Table Name: use 'Single'


Single Tables :

Using ' Single ' allows you to give a custom name to your Table => Add :

ex: Communal



Because different Devices (POS, MPOS, Ipad, ...)

can have different Device Profiles adapted to their needs:

Assign your Sections & Tables only to the profiles where you want to display your Floor View

  1. In your Back Office => Settings => My Store


  1. Venues & Store ( if you have Multiple Venues ) => Select the STORE:

2. Click on the Device Profile wanted:

( If you only have 1 device: you will only have device profile, learn more about those,

in this article: DEVICE PROFILES )

3. If you want to be prompted for the Guest Number when clicking on a table: Toggle On

' Show guest Count Prompt for Dine In Orders ' :

In you POS:

4. Under ' Options ' => Toggle On ' Enable Floor View ' to display your Floor Plan with

Sections & Tables:



In Order to re-organise your Sections & Tables:

Go to your POS

  1. In your POS => a new Icon should have appeared on the top right side of your screen

    ' Floor View ' => click on it:

2. If you have several Sections: you can choose which one to view by clicking on its name

To Edit the Layout => Press the ' Pen Icon ' on the top right:

3. When in edit mode, Click and Drag any table to the desired position on the floor view. The table gets highlighted when doing so.

4. When all the tables are placed as per desired positions, click on the green tick on top right to save the changes and exit edit mode. Or click on red cross button on the top left corner to exit without saving changes.

5. Table sizes and shapes can be changed from the Backoffice > Venue settings > Sections and Tables.

Click on any table within a section and increase or decrease the horizontal and vertical seat count to increase or decrease a table size.

Here, size of table 10 will be increased if I increase the seat count from the default 2 to 4. Click update to save changes.

⚠️ Please note that changing seat count from here does not affect the number of guests you can seat on a table. This count is only to increase or decrease the size of table on the floor view.

6. On the POS, the same table 10 will now look like this.

⚠️ At the moment it is not possible to change the rotation of the tables

or create walls, bars, ...


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