Bistro Mode & Seat Management
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Seat Management allows you to assign a products to a specific seat / customer

Learn how to set it up & use it in the Article:

While using ' Bistro Mode ' : you can organise your different Orders with Seat Numbers, this way you'll know who ordered what:

  1. When you select a table & enter the amount of guests: Your cart will display that amount in seats,

    For example: 5 customers table G-10 :

2. Start taking the 1st Order ( follow the same steps as above: Enable Bistro Mode ):

3. Click on a Product (it will turn Blue) => click on a Seat Number: Here S1:

4. Our Product 'Apple Smoothie' is now allocated to: Seat 1:

5. Click on ' T ' to go back to the Table Order:

You can see that your Product ' Apple Smoothie ' has now its Seat tagged:

6. Alternatively: you can click on the Seat number directly, for example: S1 : and add Products directly to that Seat:

7. You can repeat for other Products => take the Payment => ADD TO ORDER:

8. Repeat previous step, assign new Seat numbers, ...

When you'll finalise all your orders will have the right Seat assigned to them which you can use as a reference when bringing dishes to the table.


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