Add Customers (Back Office)

Learn how to add new customers in your Database from the Back Office

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Oolio gives you the option to register your Customer's Details to reward your regulars with our ' Loyalty Program ' & to help you keep track of their spendings on your reports

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Adding Customers from your Back Office

In order to create a customer in BackOffice, first and foremost, you have to click on “Customers”, then the “Create” button on the screen that appears.

Click on: “ CREATE ” to add a new Customer:

  • First Name: Your customer’s first name (required)

  • Last Name: Your customer’s surname (optional, but useful to differentiate customers with the same first name)

  • Phone Number: Your customer’s phone number (Either this or “Email Address” is required)

  • Email Address: Your customer’s email address (Either this or “Phone Number” is required)

After that, click on “Create” and the new customer will get generated into the app. Otherwise, click on “Dismiss” to discard all changes.

The newly created customer is now added to your database.


Customers using your Online Store will have their details automatically saved so they can be reused next time their order & suggest ' Order Again ' for them to have a quick access to previously ordered Products.


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