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Learn how to enable Price Lists and set them up for success.

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Price Lists can be used in a range of different use cases. They allow the user to have one product with multiple prices, and these prices are determined by the fulfilments met when setting up the Price List.

As an example; A store could offer lower prices for takeaway orders, instead of duplicating products for takeaway, Price Lists allow the ability to set specific pricing depending on order types.

Enabling Price Lists

Start by heading to the Features tab within the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

Locate the Price Lists feature.

Click on Price Lists…

Once in the feature, select the green enable button.

Click on Enable

Configuring Price Lists

Once enabled, select Products on the left navigation bar.

A new field labelled Price Lists should have appeared.

Upon selecting this the user will be directed to Price Lists Main Menu.

Click on Price Lists

This is where the configuration and set-up of Price Lists are located.

Within the settings, the Price List Name can be edited; ensure this is clear and relevant.

Select the Venue and Store that requires the desired Price Lists.

If applicable; select which Order Type the Price List is required to apply on.

Click on Details…

Under the Schedule heading, allows the Price List to apply at specific times and days. This can be used to set Happy Hour Pricing or Weekend Pricing.

Click on Schedule…

By selecting the Products tab, product pricing can be configured.

This can either be completed individually by editing the price in the Set Price field or can be actioned in bulk.

Follow the video below to understand how these bulk actions can be completed.

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