Setting Up Variable Pricing

In this article are the steps to create a product with variable pricing.

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What is Variable Pricing?

When creating a Product, it is required to enter a set Sell Price, although there may be items on the menu that do not have a set price.

It may be needed to have a price range set and the user can select a custom price when placing the order.

Setting Up

  • Start by entering the Product Settings of a Product

  • From here, select the Pricing Tab across the top of the screen

Click on Pricing
  • Underneath 'Variable Pricing' select the tick box. This will enable the feature

Click on Variable Pricing
  • Once enabled, a Minimum and Maximum field will appear

  • Use these two fields to set the Minimum amount allowed to be entered and the Maximum

Click on Min Price…
  • To finalise the action, select Save

How does it appear in the POS?

  • If a Product has a Variable Pricing setup, upon selecting the Product in the POS, the user will be presented with the following pop-up

  • Enter the desired price and select Apply Changes

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