Table Management

Learn to set up and configure Table Management from the Backoffice and Front of House.

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This article will cover the steps that are required to set up Table Management from the Backoffice. Along with how to rearrange the floor plan within the Front of House POS.

Enabling Table Management

Start by heading to the Features Tab within the Backoffice.

Here the Table Management Feature can be found, select this as shown in the image below.

Click on Table Management…

To enable Table Management, select the green enable button.

Click on Enable

Setting up Table Management

After enabling Table Management within the Features tab, to continue the setup, head to Settings and under My Store select the Sections & Tables tab.

Select the Create button to begin.

Click on Create

Under the Details heading, enter the relevant details.

The Section Name is what will appear on the POS, ensure this aligns with the sections in the venue.

Note: If Multi-Venue Management is Enabled; Select which store this section is relevant to.

Select Save to continue.

Click on Save

Once Saved, the user will now have the ability to add tables by selecting the Green Plus Icon.

A pop-up will appear, this will allow the user to either create Multiple Tables at once or Singular Tables.

Seats Horizontal and Seats Vertical is relevant to the size of the table itself. It will not put a limitation on how many guests can be seated at this table.

Click on Create Table(s)…

Once all the tables have been added, select save and continue with the configuration.

Configuring Table Management

Table Management may only be required on specific devices within the store, to continue the setup, head to Settings, My Store, then Device Profiles

Click on Device Profiles

Head into the Device Profile that requires Table Management.

Click on Default…

Within the Details Tab, select the Assigned Section field and add the newly created Section.

If multiple sections are required to be added, the order in which they are added to this field is the order in which they will display on the POS.

Click on Assigned Section…

Select the Options Tab at the top of the screen and ensure the Enable Floor View toggle is selected. For the ability to enter guest counts per table, select the toggle beside Seat Management.

Note: Seat Management is optional and not required to complete the setup.

Click on Features…

Arranging the Floor Plan

Watch the video below and follow along on how to rearrange the floor plan.

Note: Currently the floor plan will only display tables, in future Oolio Platform plans to add placeholder items i.e. plants, walls etc.

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