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How do I turn the device on/off on MPOS?

Hold down the power button for approximately 2 seconds to power down the device.

(We advise it is left online to allow it to stay up to date)

Can I put the device on sleep mode?

Yes, to put the device on sleep mode quickly press the power button once to put it to sleep, repeat to turn the device back on.

How do I charge the device?

On the left hand side of the device lift the cover and you will see the USB charging port.

What are the device passwords?


I made some changes in the back office settings, how will it update on the mPOS app?

Any setting changes made from the back office after you have logged in to the mPOS application can be seen on the app after logout and re-logging in to the mPOS.

How to check if I am connected to internet?

When the device is connected to the internet, it will be indicated with a cloud icon appearing on the top bar

How do I verify if I am on the latest version of the app?

To check if the app is up-to date, make sure the device is connected to the internet and follow these steps:

1. Click the Settings icon on the home screen.

2. Click the ‘Apps’ button

3. Enter password “2015”

4. The Oolio mPOS app will display the version number.

Also, the device will show ‘Up to date’ when the version is the latest.

( It is advisable that the device is left online for updates to be auto installed. )

I have completed orders from POS but I still can’t see them on MPOS how should do I sync?

You can sync by simply logging out and relogging in.

Can I use the same device code to login again on the app?

Yes, same device code can be used to re-login to the app. It is advisable to stick the code on the device.

Do I have to re-login if the device turns off and is turned back on?

No, the app will stay logged in. However, if devices remains turned off for 2 days and comes back on without internet, it will have to be relogged in

How do I know if the device setup is correct? / Why is the amount screen not appearing on my app?

Setup is correct if upon clicking pay, it takes to the payment screen


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