Item Availability

Track Products Availability in POS & Online Store

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Item Availability

Oolio Platform allows you to keep track of items on the


This stock monitoring prevents you from overselling

& helps to establish a smooth checkout experience for your customers.

Item Availability can be set on Products & Variant Products

( ex: Small / Medium / Large )

In this Article:

Video Demo

Acces ' Item Availability ' in POS

  1. In your POS => Go to the Function Map ( bottom ) => click on the arrow to access the next page:

2. Click on ' Manager Functions ' => ' Item Availability ' :

⚠️ You can only access ' Manager Function ' if you have the right Permissions set

(ex: Supervisor, Manager, ... )

Learn how to change Permissions in your Back Office,

in this article:


Some Products are running low, we need to set a quantity to make sure we don't oversell

  1. On the ' Item Availability ' Modal => Select a Page or search for a Product :

2. Make sure your Product has ' Available ' ticked => Toggle ' Track Item ' On => Add the Quantity => Save Changes :

( Now we can order up to ' 5 ' of our Large Cappuccinos before they automatically become Unavailable )

How it Shows:

in POS :

Now we have 5 Large Cappuccinos left:


⚠️ The quantity does not show in Online Store,

but when our 5 Large Cappuccino are Sold Out,

they will Automatically become Unavailable in Online Store too.

Make a Product ' UNAVAILABLE '

Product become Automatically Unavailable

when Sold Out, or can be set as ' Unavailable '

To make a Product Directly Unavailable:

  1. Untick Available next to the Product :

    ( your Product will become unavailable regardless of the Quantity )

How it Shows:

in POS :

Our Green Tea is Greyed Out & no Longer Available :

If you realise you still have 1 ' Green Tea' left:

you can still add it by clicking on it => ADD ANYWAY:


Our Green Tea is now Unavailable & Unclickable in the Online Store :

If a Customer order an Product that has just become unavailable:

They might still be able to Add to the Cart, but won't be able to Checkout:

  • The Cappuccino is greyed out and needs to be removed from the cart before proceeding

Make a Product ' AVAILABLE ' again

When a Product is Sold Out : It Automatically becomes ' unavailable '

  1. Tick ' Available ' => Save Changes :

    ( The Quantity being ' 0 ' does not affect the availability as long as ' Track Item ' is not ticked too )

2. Our Green Tea is Back !


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