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Troubleshoot & Fix Printing
Troubleshoot & Fix Printing

Understanding your printing problems & how to troubleshoot them.

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There are many possible reasons why a docket may not print, the primary cause of a docket not printing could be a software issue or a technical issue.

If it is a software issue, it may be something as simple as Not assigning a Printer Profile to a Product in the Back Office. On the other hand, if it is a technical issue, it could be due to a hardware fault such as an insufficient power supply, or faulty cables.

To check whether the issue is software or hardware-related, please check through the following.

No Printer Profile Found

Every product needs to be linked to one or more Printer Profile (Including KDS)

If a product is not linked, the following pop-up message will appear on the screen after pressing 'Pay Now' or 'Send'.

This pop-up will indicate which product is missing a printer profile.

Click on No Printer Profile Found…

Navigate to the Back Office and assign a Printer Profile to the Product.

Once done this pop-up will no longer appear.

Print Job Failed

When a Print Failed message is shown it could be one of two reasons. Either the POS is having trouble connecting to the Network or there is a technical issue with the printer.

  • Start by selecting the Printer Icon on the top right of the screen

  • Select View Printing Queue

Click on Print Current Receipt…
  • In the Printing Queue, the error message can be found

    • The error message can help determine which areas to troubleshoot

    • I.e. if Failed to connect, it is suggested to check your network settings first

Click on Failed to connect - check network status or installed certificates
  • Before troubleshooting, select Reprint All as it may be a momentary network dropout

  • If the docket fails to print for a second time, use the following steps

Troubleshooting the Printer

  1. First, check there is a full paper roll in the printer

    1. It may be jammed or incorrectly inserted

  2. Turn the Printer off and on again

    1. Await all the lights to appear again before continuing

  3. Ensure the plug is connected to a power source

  4. Check the correct device has been selected

    1. To check, head to the navigation bar and see highlighted below

    2. This label should match the one on your physical device

Click on Main POS

Bluetooth Printer Connection

  • Ensure that the Blue Bluetooth icon is displayed on the front of the Printer

  • Check the device settings so that Bluetooth is turned on

LAN Printer Connection

  • Check if the Internet within the venue is online

There are many variable reasons why a LAN Printer may disconnect from the network, so it is best to contact our support team here

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