Print by: Order Type

Ex: Print your Takeaway Food Order at the counter too, to attach to the bag

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Print by Order Type

It's increasingly common to offer multiple order types like dine-in, takeaway, pickup, delivery, catering & drive-thru. If you have multiple kitchen sections in your venue, you can now send orders based on their order type directly to the relevant printer.

For Example:

Your takeaway food orders can now print at the counter too, to attach to the bag

while your Dine In orders only print in the kitchen


Your Barista make the coffees after taking the payment & therefore doesn't require printed dockets

In this article:


Depending on the order type you are receiving:

setup your printers to print accordingly

  1. In your Back Office => Settings => Printing :

2. Depending on your venue: you might have 1 printer profile or more:

here we have 3:

  • BAR: prints all our Cocktails & Non-Alcoholic drinks at the bar printer.

  • CAFE: prints all our Coffees & Teas at the coffee machine printer.

  • KITCHEN: prints all our Food in the kitchen.

Now if our Barista takes takeaway orders through a window and makes the coffees right away, therefore doesn't need dockets for Takeaway: only for ' Dine Ins ' as another team member takes those:

=> Click on the Dropdown menu under 'Order Types' and select which order type you want your Products to print on:

For example: Dine-In

(you can select more than 1)

⚠️ If no Order Type is selected: all of them will apply by default

3. SAVE :

If you don't have Printers Profiles created, learn how to create them,

in this article:


Now that your Printer Profiles by Order Types are set up in your Back Office,

Let see how it reflects in your POS:

  1. In your POS => Go to Navigation ' . . . ' => Settings => Sync Data

  2. Our TAKEAWAY Order is NOT going to PRINT: only Display:

3. Our DINE IN Order IS going to PRINT as usual:


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