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How To Report An Issue While Using POS
How To Report An Issue While Using POS
Updated over a week ago

During a working day, your business may encounter unexpected issues that need technical assistance, but you do not know how to transfer the problems to our teams at Oolio.

Fortunately, in Oolio POS, we have implemented a simple feature that allows our customers to report any issues at any time, by following a series of simple steps.

To report an issue encountered while using the POS app, firstly, click on the "Navigation" button.

Then, click on "Report Issue" on the menu that appears.

Next, key in the following information using the "Report Issue" form that appears:

  • Title: A short line that describes your issue

  • Description: Detailed information of what happened

After that, click on "Report Issue", and the problem will be transferred to our teams at Oolio. Otherwise, click on "Dismiss" to abort the process.

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