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Verifone S1F2 Android Terminal
Verifone S1F2 Android Terminal
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This article will help you get familiar with the Verifone S1F2 Android terminal.

Insert the receipt paper roll

> Please use: Receipt paper roll 57 x 40 mm (Width x Diameter)

  1. Pull up the latch of the paper compartment and swing the cover downwards.

  2. Insert the paper roll making sure the paper sticks out a bit.

  3. Close the cover of the paper roll compartment.

Payment Terminal Menus





Device info: view information about the payment terminal, like the serial number, software and configuration versions, and store details. Update the software version (requires passcode).

  • Network: enable and configure network connections. Enable airplane mode.

  • Config: view the installed configuration version. Update the configuration.

  • Display: adjust the screen brightness.

  • Diagnostics: run network connections tests or send us a diagnostic report.

  • Apps: overview of the apps and certificates installed on the terminal. If an app is scheduled to be installed or removed, this action is carried out when you open this menu.

  • Device info, Display, and Diagnostics: no passcode required.

  • Network, Config, Apps, and updating software: the passcode that in your Customer Area is set up under Passcodes > Admin menu


  • History: view transactions stored on the terminal. Re-print the merchant/shopper receipt for an approved transaction.

  • Totals: view and print a transaction totals report. Reset transaction totals.

  • New transaction: start various types of payments when used as a standalone terminal. Select the AID priority.

  • Standalone use: no passcode required.

  • Integrated setup: the passcode that in your Customer Area is set up under Passcodes > Transaction.


Start a normal payment when used as a standalone terminal.

Connect to Wifi

  1. Select Settings > Network.

  2. Enter your passcode.

  3. Select Wi-Fi. You can now:

    • Turn Wi-Fi on or off using the WLAN toggle switch.

    • Click on the βž• to see a list of WiFi networks available.

    • Choose the right network and enter the password to connect to the network.

Switching to 4G

  1. Select Settings > Network.

  2. Enter your passcode.

  3. Toggle WLAN to Off

Device info

To view information about the terminal:

  • Select Settings > Device info.

The screen shows:

  • Model, serial number, and IP address of the terminal.

  • Software version that the terminal currently uses.

  • The configuration version.

  • Merchant account that the terminal belongs to.

  • The store that the terminal is boarded to, and the store address.

  • A button to show a QR code with device info.

View, print, and reset totals

> The terminal can generate a Totals report. This gives an overview of the total amounts for sales, refunds, gratuities (tips), and cancellations that the terminal processed since the last reset of the report. By resetting the report, you can use this functionality to get day totals or shift totals.

To obtain the Totals report:

  1. Select Transactions > Totals.

  2. Enter the Transactions menu passcode.

  3. You can now:

    • View a Totals report for the period shown at the top of the report.

    • Print the Totals report by selecting the print button:

    • Start a new reporting period by selecting the reset button:

      The totals from the previous period are no longer shown.

  • To automatically reset the Totals every day at a specific hour, contact us.

Turn on/off

If you turn on the payment terminal for the first time or after it was off for a long time, it may make a maintenance call to synchronize the configuration and update the software. This can take 10 to 20 minutes.
When connected to a power supply, the battery charges. An icon at the top of the display indicates the battery charge level.

Turn on the terminal:

  • Press and hold the power button until the display turns on. If necessary, connect the terminal to a power supply to charge the battery.

Turn off the terminal:

  • Press and hold the power button until a dialog box appears, then confirm you want to turn off the terminal.

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