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Oolio Customer Display (CDS)
CDS (Customer Display): Change the Appearance settings
CDS (Customer Display): Change the Appearance settings

Add your Business logo & a Background Image of your choice

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CDS ( Customer Display Screen )

Change your Appearance Settings

In this article:


Once your CDS is installed & Connected to your POS:

you can change its appearance

  1. In your Back Office => Settings => My Store:


Venues & Stores ( if you have several venues ) => Store :

2. Go to ' Device Profiles ' => Select the Device Profile that will use your CDS :

( You can learn more about Device Profiles, in this article: DEVICE PROFILES )

3. Under ' Customer Display ' => Upload your Logo & background image wanted for your CDS:

Make sure to respect the sizes recommended for a better quality

=> Save :

In your POS, for your changes to reflect,

you need to Log Out of your CDS & Reconnect it:

  1. In your POS => Go to Navigation ' . . . ' => Settings:

2. Under ' Hardware ' => Press ' Forget Customer Display ' :

3. From here you need to Reconnect your CDS:

Learn how to, in this article: CONNECT CDS TO POS

4. We can see that our Logos / Images are now uploaded on our CDS & that our CDS is connected to our POS:

5. You can start taking orders as usual !


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