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Getting started with price lists

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In some bars, for example, the owner may want to pay tribute to customers with some promotions by applying a “Happy Hour” menu, which would reduce the prices of specific foods and / or drinks over a specific time range.

In this case, the concept of configuring a price list for certain days/times will be helpful.

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Watch this step-by-step video to get started on setting up your first price list!🥂


Enable Price List Feature

Click on Features → Price Lists → Enable

Click on Configure to choose what venues you would like Price Lists to be activated for, then click on Apply to enable the feature.

Create a Price List

To create a price list, go to Products → Price Lists → Create

On the Create Pricing Group modal, enter the name of the price list and click on the Create button.

This will bring you to the Price List Details page:

From the Details section you can select:

  • Venues the price list can be applied to

  • Stores the price list can be applied to

  • Order types affected by this price list. E.g delivery orders only

From the Schedule section, you can enter values for the following fields:

  • Valid From: The first date the price list will be applied.

  • Valid To: The last date the price list will be applied.

Then, if you click on the Create button, the three following fields will get generated.

  • Day of Week: Using this drop-down will allow you to choose the exact date (from Monday to Sunday, or all days).

  • Start Time HH:MM: The start time of the price list

  • End Time HH:MM: The end time of the price list

Use the Create button to add more days of the week.

Click Save to save your changes.

Adding Products to your Price List

To clarify what products will be included in the price list, click on the Products tab. Here you can add all products or enter which products you would like to add.

Additionally, you can tick on the products, then click on the Bulk Options button and select any of the following:

  1. Set Price

  2. Modify Price

  3. Reset Price

1. Set Price

Enter the new price and click Apply Changes to apply the price to the selected products. E.g. Inputting $4.00 will set the price of all selected products to $4 .

2. Modify Price

  • +/- changes the sign to positive or negative, indicating that the price will increase or decrease by the entered percentage/amount value.

  • % indicates that the price will increase or decrease by the entered percentage.

  • $ indicates that the price will increase or decrease by the entered amount.

3. Reset Prices

The prices of the selected products will revert back to their original value:

Switch Price Lists on the POS

In order to switch to a different price list manually while using the POS App, click on the Manager Functions button on the function map.

Click on the Switch Pricing Group button to view and select the desired price list to activate. Or you can choose the first option to activate your scheduled price list.

The products will now have the new prices that are defined in the back office.


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